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Rockers, leather-based boys, Ton-up boys, and most likely café racers are individuals of a biker subculture that originated in the United Kingdom during the Fifties. It used to be generally

Electric blues
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Electric blues refers to any type of blues song uncommon by the use of electric amplification for musical instruments. The guitar used to be the primary instrument to be popularly

Rhythm and blues
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  Rhythm and blues, as a rule abbreviated as R&B or RnB, is a genre of preferred African-American track that originated within the 1940s.The time period was at the start utilized by document firms to explain recordings marketed predominantly

New wave music
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New wave tune is a musical style of pop/rock created in the late Nineteen Seventies to mid-1980s with ties to Seventies punk rock. The large range of bands categorized beneath this term has been

Roots rock
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Roots rock is the term now used to provide an explanation for a transfer some distance from what some saw when you consider that the excesses of the psychedelic scene,

Bass guitar
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The bass guitar (also known as electric bass, or with ease bass) is a stringed instrument performed especially with the fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, popping, strumming, tapping, thumping, or deciding on with a plectrum, traditionally known as